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佛系主播 ~ 人生的每一场相遇都有它的意义~😉Every encounter in life has its meaning.😉

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我是华语主播, 求关注 求挑逗 I am a new Chinese anchor seeking your attention and interaction.
没有其他社交软件,如果在其他平台看到我,请不要相信.I don't use other social software. If you see me on other platforms, please don't believe .他のSNSは使っていません。もし他のプラットフォームで私を見たら、それを信じないでください😊 房客规则: 😇有礼貌 😇不要求免费提要求 😇在大厅中的肮脏的谈话会被禁言 😇 請尊重大廳我的骑士和其他人 * Follow me and say Hi * Do not tip me if you are using fraud tokens * Don't be shy and don't be rude * No demand without tip * Don't negotiate on my price * Respect everyone in the room * Don't ask for dating offline * Don't ask for my personal details

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